Do you want the long story or the short answer?

Everyone want the short answer.  But the short answer will not, truly enlighten you.


Photography is who I am. It is my purpose. It is why I am on earth.


The long story:

My father meant everything to me. He taught me how to type, how to program, how to shoot, how to drive, how to treat women, and how to use a camera.

You see, 3 years ago today, my father died. He was a good man that changed how I see the world. He had a very unique view on life and the world. He saw things differently and so do I. I believe there is beauty in the world around us; everywhere. Mountains, streams, oceans, and people. People are the most beautiful thing the world has to offer.


Because no two people are the same. Everyone is a little different. For some, the differences are vast, for others, it’s minuscule. The only consistent thing we share as a species, is that we are different, and that difference makes us beautiful.


My life goal is to show people how beautiful they already are. How I really see them.


What an amazing feeling it is to realize your purpose on this Earth; to know why you are here.

I’m here to help people realize that they need to change nothing physical about them to become beautiful. They need to change how they see themselves, how they treat themselves. Once someone makes that change, they become more beautiful, more attractive.

The goal of my pictures is to reflect how I see the subject. Whether the subject is a model, standing tall on a bridge, or the moon its self, I want to show everyone a reflection of my eyes.  The reflection of my father.

I love you, dad.  Thank you for everything you have taught me.

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