Nick Bakay invited me to his show in Galveston, Tx.  So we were at the bar talking and relaxing during a break.  He told me that the rest of his week was free.  I said, then we should be driving somewhere!  He got excited… so I said, L.A., Miami, or Wyoming.  He thought for 3 seconds and said he knew someone in Wyoming!  He made a call and 2 minutes later we decided to go to Wyoming as he got back on stage.  I looked up the travel time and realization hit me!


We had a LONG trip in front of us. But it was worth it!!  The trip was beautiful!

We stopped at Pikes Peak in Colorado so we could ride our bikes up to the peak.  I wrote a review on that destination already.  Click here to read it!  So for now, Ill just drop pictures of Nick and I at Pikes Peak.

After a layover in Denver, we traveled the rest of the way to Saragota, Wy. The drive was BEAUTIFUL beyond compare!  I have never been there in April before.  Still some snow on the ground.  Lots of snow in higher elevations.

So he had to play a show that night so we went straight to the hotel and relaxed.  He played an awesome show (as usual).

The next morning we headed out to Sugarloaf Mountain.  We knew we could not get to the other side of the mountain, but we could get close before the road was closed.  So of course we took tons of pictures!

Saragota in the Winter is amazing!  A very small town that has lots of snowmobiles tourist.  The road we took, is the same road they take to get the snowmobile trail heads.  It was incredibly relaxing there.  Very homey.  Very friendly.  VERY COLD.  I am glad I had heated gear with me for that trip…. Speaking of, I should write a review on that heated gear.

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