So…. I was driving on a last minute gig to Austin. On the way, I traffic slowed down and hail started. Then it got heavier…. then the wend picked up. And it did not die down…. just got stronger and the hail was stronger. It was so loud in my Toyota that I could not hear anything! The car in front of me disappeared. I could feel my car move and rock.

Just as fast as it started, it ended! Still raining some, but the hail and torrential rain was gone. Leaving the road covered in ice and debris. I knew I needed to continue heading south to get in front of the storm. The traffic cleared and we resumed highway speeds. When I stopped for fuel 45 minutes later, I had my first look at the damages. Lots of hail damage on the Toyota. Almost nothing on the motorcycle surprisingly. A turn signal cover broke off and a light is not working. That’s all. Pictures are included for your viewing pleasure.

I don’t get scared at storms….ever. I was scared during this. Feeling my car rock and move was scary!! But one more thing off my bucket list.

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