So about 3 months ago, Colt told me about the HUGE photo conference called ShutterFest.  After doing some research I bought a ticket!  I just got back from the show and was VERY impressed, tired, excited, sore, and optimistic!  There were some amazing speakers, models and vendors there!  I took only marketing and business classes and was pleased with what I took away from there.


So many vendors!  It was really nice to see some of the photo lab examples in person!  I have changed some vendors I work with JUST because I was able to see their examples in my hand!


Models EVERYWHERE!  There were so many models walking around are ready to shoot!  I got lots of different faces and different looks while I was there!  17 models total in three days!!  I am VERY pleased!

My Kinda People

For 4 days I was surrounded by creative people!  Everyone had ideas and most had no problem sharing with others!  Several of the speakers all had the same ideas… so I am taking that as law now I am following their advice!  My daughter, Evie, will be starting a YouTube series on camera basics and as she gets older, she will teach more and more advanced classes.  I am VERY proud of her!  The first video is already live!  You can see it here:

Things are changing…

Thats right!  I am changing almost EVERYTHING.  Website is getting redesigned, my fee structure, my portfolios… EVERYTHING!  By now I have completed most of the changes.  My first FB ad went live TONIGHT!!!


Yeah, I have goals!  WYOMING again this year.  I want to take my motorcycle to California next year.  I need to see Hawaii… Its been on my mind for years.  SOMETHING is out there and I need to see it.  I need to find something there.


YES, if you are a model, photographer, or hair and makeup artist, you NEED to go to at least one ShutterFest.  It will change your mind set.

Adventure pictures below:

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