This the first major project. This is the beginning of the end. I needed to fix the rotting wood in the frame before I can do anything else! Before I can finish out the walls, before I can lay the floor, before I can add the desk, before I can weld a platform on to the back for my motorcycle… This had to be done first!

After the old floor was removed I could see that the wall had fell about 3/4 of an inch!  The rotted wood sagged under the weight of the wall.  I had to use a metal bar and a jack to get the wall high enough to get it back where it was.

Then it was a simple matter of replacing the floor and the insulation.  Now the floor does not sag or give way when I step in this area!  SUCCESS!

It was a very full weekend, but it is done!

I also fixed the central vacuum!  Next project? NEW FLOOR!  Stay tuned!

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