I decided to go to Canada to ride around.  No destination… just go!  On the way I found an article talking about how Sir Winston Churchill called Niagara Blvd “the prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in the world”.  I HAD to ride that road!  I towed the bike up to Niagara Falls and crossed into Canada on the Peace Bridge.  It was fast and painless crossing.  I found me a Walmart in Fort Erie and unloaded the bike.  All the speed limit signs were in metric, so I decided to change my speedometer on the bike to metric so I can make sure to watch my speed.  The last thing I wanted was a speeding ticket in a foreign country!

The Ride was awesome!  Not fast, not technical, but BEAUTIFUL.  I can see why Sir Winston Churchill liked this ride so much.  Niagara River was to my right and GORGEOUS homes and wineries were to my left.  Some of the homes were rent houses for wedding.  LOTS of wedding I passed by.  At least 10!

The road also took me by Niagara Falls.  I have seen both sides before but not in about 6 years.  Got some souvenirs and pictures!  I would highly suggest this road to anyone, motorcycle and car alike!  It was an easy 60 km (38 miles) that took me 1 hours and 38 minutes.  Granted I stopped in a gift shop for at lease 30 of those minutes.

Here is the trip overview:

I told you that I embraced the metric system for this ride…..

If you want to see the US unit version of that picture, click here.

Here are some more photos from the ride.

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