When was your last family photograph taken?  

How old were your kids in that picture vs now?

Keeping your family photos up to date is DAUNTING!  As parents ourselves, WE KNOW!

I’m a photography company in the Dallas area that has several different photographers on staff. We work with families just like yours to get them professional photographs of their family for social media or wall art.

Here is how Jeffrey Thomas Photography works:

  • Scroll down to find a photographer’s individual portfolio that you like.
  • Click “Contact me” in the photographer’s portfolio
  • Set up studio/location time and pay the fee
  • You will get an online gallery emailed to you within a week (most times sooner) after your shoot day!
  • Choose a print package or add items à-la-carte.
credit: Jeffrey Thomas

Photographers that specialize in Family Photography

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I dont remember where I saw it, but literally years ago I saw a wall of family photos each with a house key below it…it was each house the family had owned, the photos taken when they were moving out or moving in, I cant remember which, and I’ve had that in my mind as something I wanted to do ever since. With this pandemic I thought i wasnt going to get a chance to have a moving out photo and was prepared to settle for the photo taken the day we brought my daughter home…but that one only shows the front door, not the whole house.  Long story short, thank you thank you thank you for helping me fulfill this dream I’ve had for years!! <3


Jeffrey was on time and did an amazing job with our family of 5, even with a very resistant 4 year old. Our pics turned out amazing!


Wow what an amazing photo shoot with Jeffrey He was fun and professional from start to finish. He had great communication with us and kept us informed. The quality of the pictures were incredible. Jeffrey had great suggestions and kept things moving along. He really captured the moment. We would highly recommend Jeffrey!


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