Boudoir Portfolio

A sample of my Boudoir Photography from newest to oldest. Boudoir/Nude Photography is my speciality. Boudoir Photography is very empowering and can do wonders for your self-esteem.


A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, basking in the my own unique beauty is incredible empowering!  A feeling that is difficult to portray accurately. 

 -Anonymous Client

Proven Methods

Jeffrey has been working with clients for years that have NO EXPERIENCE modeling.  The results he returns are stunning and magazine worthy!

NOTE: All images seen here are models.  Client images never get shared.  Those are your private photos forever!

Professional editing

Of course editing is included!  Every photo will be looked at and worked on to get the perfect look and feel.  Jeffrey is prompt and attentive to your every needs!

Thank you for viewing!

Boudoir Photography is something that I feel is my calling.  I take enormous pride in seeing the faces of clients at their private viewing!  It is truly rewarding to return confidence to women.  Such an endeavor is never easy, but always worth the effort!

-Jeffrey Thomas