I hate exchanging my hair pigment for wisdom! Is it too much to ask to keep my brown color for lessons learned??? Guess not.

Let me explain. I sold Paradise. Something I said I would not do. Why? Allow me to explain…

I was struggling to transition becoming a full-time Photographer and affording a tow vehicle to pull my 35′ trailer across America was becoming more and more impractical.  In mid-December of last year my mother had a stroke.  It damaged her just enough that someone needs to be with her throughout the day to care for her.  At the end of December I was the only reasonable choice to do it.  So I decided to sell the trailer and move in with her.  Now, I still accept new photography clients but cut down on my modeling work.  I travel at least once a month to new places.  I need to write posts about each visit.  I am VERY behind because I was dreading to write this post.  But it needed to be done.

I thought living in an RV I would travel more… but that has not been my experience.  I traveled more before and after the RV.  Crazy, right?

So, Paradise is not an abject, it is a LIFESTYLE.  It is not the object I live in, but HOW I live.

I had to gain some grey hairs to learn that lesson.  Maybe you can skip the hard way and learn from my experiences.

Here are the finial pictures I took of my RV when I put her up for sale:

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