Paradise Found!

I have found her!!!  I have found, bid, and bought my RV 5th wheel trailer!!!!!!!  YAY!!!

Meet Paradise (yes, thats her name):

I got her as a repo.  She is a fixer-upper, but I am pretty handy! She was a steal!  I will get her livable in no time at all!  She does not leak at all and doesn’t even smell!!  Im thrilled!!  You will be seeing more and more updates from me now!  I will be documenting this project from start to finish!  I am THRILLED!!!

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Hello, I am Jeffrey. I live in the wonderful city of Cincinnati, Ohio! I have a passion for photography that you can feel in my pictures. If a picture is worth 1000 words, mine are worth 1001. My pictures tell a story that is behind the eyes of REAL people. People that have lived. People that have stories. People that have scars. My pictures tell that story 1001 words at a time. I believe there is beauty in all of us. My goal is to show you how beautiful you REALLY are!
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