MY Off Camera Flash Setup

I get this question ALOT.

What is my lighting set up for outdoor shoots?

I will go into detail now about what my most common set ups are and amazon links to where you can buy these products.  I use all Godox flashes so I need one transmitter to work with any of my Godox equipment.

Generally speaking there are LOTS of different setups for my off camera lighting setups and they serve different purposes.  In this article I will not address when to use each set up or which setting to use.  This will serve as a high level view of my equipment.


This will be the only part of the setup that is camera brand specific.  Any of the setups you will need a transmitter.


Setup #1

(2) AD200s with a 9ft stand.

(2) AD200 PRO
(1) ADB2
(1) 9ft Light Stand

Setup #2

(1) AB600 with a 9ft stand.

(1) AD600BM
(1) 9ft Light Stand

Setup #3

(1) AD200 PRO with a 9ft stand.

(1) AD200 PRO
(1) 9ft Light Stand

Light Modifiers

All of my setups have a Bowens Mount type so I will only be listing Bowens mount light modifiers here.

Standard Reflector

Soft Box

Beauty Dish

Foldable Beauty Dish


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