I dont know where to start… I LOVE going to MotoGP.  2017 was no exception!  It was a much more eventful year than previous ones.  This was the first year I got 3 day passes!  Being a veteran is paying off!  I went with two amazing friends Anthony and his woman, Helen Saturday and Sunday.  This was their first time going.

Turn 12

Anthony, Helen, and I from left to right
I do realize that I am a selfie whore….



Saturday it was COLD (Texas cold) all day.  High was around 65°.  That may not seem cold to you, but the day before it was 85°.  We got use to the 80’s…  Now its twenty degrees colder.  That really messes with Texans!  So we dressed in layers and I was
constantly putting on my jacket and taking it off.  It was cloudy and windy most of the day.  Ugh.  The struggle.  We decided to hit as much venders as we could in Saturday when most of the qualifiers and and practices were taking place.  That way we could just stick to the stands as much as possible on Sunday when most of the races happen.


Sunday was where most of the action happened!  Anthony and I decided to make an event to have breakfast before we went to MotoGP.  We all met up at a local Mexican Food place we all love called Casa G’s!  After an amazing breakfast we were off to COTA (Circuit of the Americas).

When we pulled into our spot, Anthony pointed out that my tire may have a nail in it… We looked and there was TWO!  Damn.  I decided that I would repair it at the end of the day.  Sunday was much warmer and sunny.  We hit some vendors and found our seats fairly quickly.

The Races:

Racing was amazing as always!  Marc Marquez won his first race this season.  No surprise that it was at COTA… He really does OWN this track!  This was his 5th consecutive win here and MotoGP has been at COTA for 5 years.  No one other than Marquez has won here.  That’s why I say its his track!!

After the main race (MotoGP) race was done, we stuck around for the final race, (MotoAmerica SuperBike).  Suzuki won big in MotoAmerica!  Suzuki just released the new GSX-R1000 and it seemed to do the job!

Nailed it:

center puncture
side puncture
might as well check the front pressure as well while I have it in my hand!
having tools on me is a blessing!








Now, back to my nailed tire!  ugh.  Thankfully I have three hard cases on my bike and I have enough tools with me to fix any common problems I have with my bike.  So, I put my bike on its center stand.  I pulled the nail in the center part of the tire out  out and installed a plug in its place. Then I used my compressor to get my rear tire back to its proper tire pressure.  EASY!  The nail on the side of the tire, I just left.  It did not make it into the inside of the tire so I was not worried about it.

The Stranger:

After I got home and relaxed for a while, My buddy Nick called me and came over.  We went out to dinner at Whataburger.  While eating we over heard a fellow motorcycle rider in trouble.  She is from Kansas and had some issues going on that I will not get made public here.  But long story short she needed to buy a cheap back pack and did not really want to take all her gear inside.  So after introducing Nick and myself, we offer to drive her to Target and keep her gear in my car while we went shopping.  Jen is an amazing girl that rides even more than I do!!  She has ridden in 49 states (not Hawaii)!  Nick and I were happy too help her get back on her way!  I got a Facebook message from her this morning (Monday, April 24th) that she made it in safely!  It was a pleasure meeting you, Jen!

Godspeed, Jen!
Jen, Nick, and I from right to left, back to front










Now to get back to SAVING for the RV build!!!

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