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Jeffrey lives in the wonderful city of Dallas, Tx! He has a passion for photography that you can feel in his pictures. If a picture is worth 1000 words, his are worth 1001. Pictures that tell a story behind the eyes of REAL people. People that have lived. People that have stories. People that have scars. His pictures tell that story 1001 words at a time. Jeffrey believes there is beauty in all of us. His goal is to show you how beautiful you REALLY are!

Nick Bakay


Nick is an amazing guitarist in Austin, Tx that formed his own band called “Mojo Griggs”!  I have done lots of work for him over the years and he is now learning how to use a camera!  He is very talented with a guitar or a camera!  When I travel and need a second shooter, I use him!! His work is amazing!  


Bryttne Wardlock

Scheduling Coordinator

Bryttne is my favorite model and is also my Scheduling Coordinator!  She is incredibly creative and very personable.  When she is not annoying her wife she enjoys escape rooms and wearing yoga pants (without doing actual yoga).  She will help you organize you special day with Jeffrey's camera.  Any questions/concerns you have she will help you with.  And because she has seen more of Jeffrey's camera than anyone else, she is the one to elevate any concerns you have!  

Seven Fernandez