We will meet at a location in Texas (every class is at a different location) and you will listen to a 15-ish minute lecture on safety and how to do take these photos. I will introduce you to the live model and then we will start shooting!  You will leave with portfolio ready photos to show off your new found skills!!

Equipment REQUIRED

  1. Camera with CHARGED batteries (at least 2)
  2. Wide lens with lowest aperture you have (F4 or lower if possible).
  3. Memory Card(s)
  4. Sturdy tripod
  5. Red flash light to help keep our night vision

Optional Equipment

  1. Wired or wireless trigger for your camera
  2. Chair
  3. Pen and paper for notes

This will mostly be a hands on workshop where you will use your OWN camera.  I will supply the model.

Next Date:   October 25th, 2020
Duration:     Approx. 2 hours
Location:     TBD
Cost:              $150


This is an actual picture from the class that you will attend.  The location might be different.  You will have access to my lighting equipment and an experienced live model to shoot.  I will be available to answer camera setting questions or any other help with posing and composition you might need.

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