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Camera Basics

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This class will teach you everything you need to know about YOUR camera!  You will be able to use manual mode when you leave this class.  I will go over photography basics and camera mechanics.  You need to bring your camera… more

Lightroom Editing

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Now that we have the basics out of the way we will be talking about more advanced concepts like composition and editing these photos in Adobe Lightroom.  So you will need to bring your laptop with a current subscription to Adobe CC… more

Off Camera Flash

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This class will get to know everything artificial light!  Everything from a single pocket flash on camera to multiple off camera flashes with other light modifiers like reflectors and defusers.  You will walk away with a decent understanding… more


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November 8th, 2020
  • We will meet in a local Cincinnati park.  I will provide an experienced model ready for you to take her photo after a 10-ish minute lecture.  You will be able to perfect your outdoor technique with help from yours truly!


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  • We will meet at a studio local to Cincinnati and you will listen to a 10-ish minute lecture and then you will be taking photos of a real life boudoir model.  You will leave with portfolio ready photos to show off your new found skills.

Portraits - Studio

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  • In the studio you will have access to an experienced model with lots of off camera flash and other modifiers.  There will be a 10-is minute lecture before the hands on part comes.  You will leave with some great portfolio photos!


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  • This would be in the field at a location within 50 miles of Cincinnati.  We will meet around sunset and go over the basics while we are waiting for dark then we will start taking photos!