I recently turned in my last rent payment!  It really put some things into perspective for me… I have not put a deposit on another appartement!  I have NOT bought my RV yet… What am I going to do??  But then I got some amazing news from a friend last friday and I ran out to him later the same day to see it.






It is a good chance we are looking at my new RV!!!!  I will find out this weekend if I can swing to get it and have it moved to Round Rock!  I am thrilled!  I needs a lot of work… ALOT.  But it is an amazing price and will be big enough to make this place my PERMANENT home.  It has lots of storage and lots of features.

I cant wait to start making this beautiful RV my own!  More pictures to come later!  I will start posting more and more when I start working on Paradise!

Shout out to Ryan Jones for reaching out to me about this beautiful RV!

Thank you sir!!

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