We have all seen the FaceBook posts as of late!  The Hobby Lobby Shoot Challenge.  I like a Challenge! So I put out my own post asking for volunteer models.

I got a few, but one singled her self out and really acted like she wanted to try it!  Samantha Cowan.  She was REALLY excited to try this out!  We set up a date and time and she set off to buy clothes.

Once we got into the store it was an easy task to find locations.  In fact we found locations EVERYWHERE!  We ventured outside of the floral department to the home decor.  Even finding a barn door to shoot in front of.  Then a fence.  That was a challenge in of

its self.  We had our assistant (Sam’s mom) hold up one side of the fence and set the other side on a table.  Using your environment to create the perfect photo is essential to be a successful photographer/model.  I am VERY pleased how great these photos turned out!  Thank you, Samantha for modeling for me!  You did beautifully!

I interviewed her after the shoot:

Jeffrey- How did you hear about the hobby lobby challenge?
Samantha- I saw your post on Facebook and thought it looked really cool.

Jeffrey- What were you expecting from this shoot?
Samantha- I wasn’t expecting much. I did not think that the pictures could come out this good.

Jeffrey- Does this experience open your eyes to the possibility of taking successful photo shoots in more locations now?
Samantha- Yes. I am now thinking of all the different places that could be awesome places for a photo shoot.

Jeffrey- Before this shoot did you think having a successful shoot in any location was possible?
Samantha- I used to think that only pretty outdoor places or studios could produce a good background for pictures.

Jeffrey- How has this experience changed you as a model?
Samantha- This experience has opened my eyes to see different location possibilities that other people might pass over because they think it wouldn’t produce good pictures. Have unique places would produce a style of shoot that no one else has done.

Jeffrey- Anything else you want to say about this experience?
Samantha- The location alone would not have produced such a amazing product. You need a amazing photographer to make it look so good!



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