It haled here!  Pea sized hail.  So I climbed on the roof to see if there was any damages.  She held up like a champ.  No damage!!

So AFTER the trash was removed, another bug bomb was needed to kill the rest of the living things.  I let that sit over night.  I have not seen another living bug after that.  YAY!  Now on to cleaning and testing stuff.  Awning did not work when I got the trailer because the fuse was pulled… weird.  I put it back in and BOOM!  Working!  Its ripped and will need to be replaced eventually, but its now working!

WATER!  I have water!  The pump is working and there is SOME water left in the tank.  My battery on the trailer is getting low.  I need to just take it home one night and charge it up.  When I bring it back, it will last me a few days.  I am just using it for lights now.  Here is some pictures of the inside. I cant wait to see what she will look like when I am done!!!

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