About a year ago I was thinking about taking on a pet for companionship.  I have had dogs and cats before and they both have positives and negatives.  But something that has changed since the last time I have owned a pet is my absence from the house.  It seems like I am away much more than I use to be.  Always going on trips and long working days.  So a dog and cat would be a horrible match for that lifestyle.

A friend of mine has a Ball Python Snake as one of her pets.  She brings in around sometimes and I got over my fear of snakes over time with her snake, Morg.  So after talking to her about how to care for a snake and seeing that some snakes can be friendly I decided that a snake would fit my lifestyle very well.  They don’t have to be handled everyday.  They eat about once a week when they are growing and about 1 a month when they are older.  They water needs to be changed every 3-5 days.  It would be a perfect match for my lifestyle.

I talked to my daughter, Evie about getting a snake as a pet and we watched YouTube Videos about how to care and feed a Ball Python.  I wanted to make sure she was alright with my choice of pet.

So I decided to go on the search for my snake.  I knew I needed to get one I will be happy with for years.  They are known to live 20-30 years.  After buying a container and looking for a week or two I found Monty at ZooKeeper here in Austin, TX.  I fell in love immediately!  He is not a standard Ball Python.  He is a Pinstripe Ball Python.

We have been friends ever since.  He has posed on models and made fast friends with everyone in my life!  We are really too cute together!  I can’t wait to take him with me on the road!

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