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Paradise is not an object

I hate exchanging my hair pigment for wisdom! Is it too much to ask to keep my brown color for lessons learned??? Guess not. Let me explain. I sold Paradise. Something I said I would not do. Why? Allow me to explain… I was struggling to transition becoming a full-time Photographer and affording a tow...
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Hobby Lobby Shoot

We have all seen the FaceBook posts as of late!  The Hobby Lobby Shoot Challenge.  I like a Challenge! So I put out my own post asking for volunteer models. I got a few, but one singled her self out and really acted like she wanted to try it!  Samantha Cowan.  She was REALLY excited...
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Trip Review: Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak was AMAZING!  YOU NEED TO GO THERE! I stayed in Manitou Springs, Colorado in an historic hotel called Cliff House.  VERY BEAUTIFUL.  I felt like a turn in a hotel made of roses…. The Climb! Because I did visit here at the end of January, the entire road to the peak (14,115 ft)...
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Today is the first day of the rest of my life

Yesterday was my last day working full time at a day job that is holding me back from my dream.  Today is the first day working towards my dreams.  I will be pushing my photography harder and faster than ever before.  So it makes sense that today I will be releasing a new logo that...
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2017 Solar Eclipse in a Photographers Dreamland… Wyoming!

I will start with the most important line from the entire article! If you have never been to Wyoming, no words can describe how beautiful, breathtaking, dangerous, wonderful, and mesmerizing Wyoming is! Just go there! Ok. Now that’s out of the way. Let me elaborate of how my coverage of the 2017 Solar Eclipse from...
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Trip Review: The Grand Tetons

The Grand Tetons in Wyoming is the mountain range that I have been waiting to see most of my life! I first saw them in an old western Shane. It has drawn me to them for some reason… No idea why. The Solar Eclipse is going through most of Wyoming and the center of the...
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Trip Review: Clingmans Dome, North Carolina

VERY last minute planning for this trip.  No Planning.  No goal.  Nothing.  All I had with me is my camera and my Toyota Prius.  I googled the best peaks in The Smokies and found Clingman Dome.  Appealing enough!  The drive up the mountain was beautiful!  Filled with tunnels and turns!  Very cool!  There was a...
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No More Apartment!!

Well I moved out of my EXPENSIVE apartment and now living in the trailer!!!  Talk about stress!  But it is all done.  I downsized so much.  I tried to sell what I could and trashed the rest.  It was something like 5 or 6 F150 truck loads of stuff that went to the trash!  I...
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MotoGP, 2 Nails, and a Stranger!

I dont know where to start… I LOVE going to MotoGP.  2017 was no exception!  It was a much more eventful year than previous ones.  This was the first year I got 3 day passes!  Being a veteran is paying off!  I went with two amazing friends Anthony and his woman, Helen Saturday and Sunday....
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New Domain Name!!!

If you have not noticed, my domain name has changed!!! What an awesome name!  GoDaddy made this change VERY easy!  I cannot sing the praises of GoDaddy enough.  They have the best customer service I have ever experienced!  The change was 100% automated and fast.  Old links will still work and people going to the...
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