Today I gave my apartment notice that I do not intend to renew the lease! I have no intention of getting another apartment again. I want to tell you about my plan…

My dream since I was 8 years old is going to be coming true!!  I have been thinking about changing my life for awhile now.  I have been wanting to buy or BUILD an RV and travel the country.  Live full time WITH my snake, motorcycle, and photography equipment.  The challenge arises that I need to make money on the road as well.  I have some thoughts about my needs and challenges.

  1. Bedroom (queen size or larger)
  2. Garage for motorcycle (enclosed preferred)
  3. Built in generator
  4. Permanent built in container for Monty (my pet Ball Python snake)
  5. Bathroom perferred
  6. Water tank along with grey and black tanks for boon docking
  7. Battery bank for overnight power without generator


  1. Money to buy/build trailer
  2. Snakes require constant heat and humidity
  3. Making money on the road
  4. Selling my Prius and purchasing a Truck or SUV
  5. Selling all my furniture and other things I no longer need

The title of this entry says it all! I used to say that phrase every time somebody asked me how I am doing. It was meant sort of as a disingenuous remark… I am going to change that!

My intent with this blog is to document this adventure for everyone to see and be a part of. Follow me here to get constant updates on my trials and tribulations.

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