Have you seen one of your friends do a boudoir shoot?  Have you noticed how much confidence that experience gave them.

Lists are popular these days so here we go!


This is an obvious one!  Confidence boosting is something we all need from time to time.  Your photographer will know how to pose any body shape to create amazing art work!  Looking at your beautifully created photos will change how you look at yourself!

Great Gift

Wether its an anniversary, birthday, holiday, or even just a Tuesday… gifting a Boudoir session to your significant other is a very special and intimate gift that will show them how much you love and trust them!


Empowerment means different things for different women.  Maybe it means being in a tasteful silk night gown.  Maybe it means being fully nude.  This is a personal decision that will make your spirit soar so being comfortable is paramount.


Experiencing a photo shoot of this type is much different than getting family photos or getting headshots.  You will be  getting hair and make up done by a professional.  You will be wearing clothes that is very flattering.

Dress Up

There is no better excuse to dress up than a photoshoot!  Add the intimate attire and the amazing makeup / hair and you have a KILLER combination that you don’t see everyday!

Step out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be invigorating and fun!  Doing something that you don’t normally do can be a great experience that might change how you act and dress for the positive.

Help you Relationship

Are you looking for that special something that will add a spark to you and your partner?  A leather bound photo album filled cover to cover with some of your sexist photos can help!  It is a very intimate gift that will show that special someone how much you love and trust them.


When is the last time you went shopping for lingerie?  Has it been a while?  NOW is the excuse you need to buy some new amazing looking clothing for your upcoming shoot!!

Celebrating Milestones

Turning 30?  Just had your first child?  New relationship?  End of a relationship?  Promotion?  All of these are great reasons to have a boudoir shoot.

Great Girls Outing

Want to celebrate something with your girlfriends?  A boudoir party would make a great bachelorette party.  All of your girlfriends can party with you and take turns getting their photos taken!

If you have another questions please feel free to reach out to me or read more on the Boudoir Tips Page.

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