Holy Cinder Block Batman!

So I woke up to this yesterday! I was so concerned about how to fix this. I don’t have a tow vehicle yet and therefore no way to hold the trailer up. But I have to in order to replace the broken block. But then the next question is what am I going to replace the block with??

I talked to a few RV owners that I know and they suggested that I buy a 2X8 weather treated wood plank and cut it every 12 inches. So I got a 10′ 2X8 and cut it up to 10 pieces.  That way I can stack them as high as I need them to be in different situations.


Now, for the hard part.  HOW DO I HOLD UP CLOSE TO 5,000lbs WITHOUT A TRUCK WITH A 5th WHEEL HITCH??

I came up with a plan!  I will move the F150 over to the hitch part and use the jack I have to hold the weight.  It does not have to hold it long.  2-3 minutes at the most.  This is my first effort.  I hold the trailer up high enough to get the legs off of the blocks.  So the jack was not going to hold the trailer high enough.  So I switched to jack stands and added scrap 2X4s under.

YAY!  That worked!  Now I worded fast to replace the blocks with the wood pieces.  After that was accomplished I extended the landing legs back down and the weight was lifted from the truck bed.  SUCCESS!

That was the scariest moment I have had with the trailer so far and I overcame it!  I dont think that the wood will be breaking anytime soon.  🙂


Progress is slow with Evie here for the summer, but she does help me a lot.  We really made some progress after the second AC got fixed and the temps in the trailer got better. The slide is insulated and has interior walls up. I cleaned off the couch and the table so we can start enjoying the trailer! This is really starting to come together! I am getting excited! My Paradise is starting to form.

AC Fixed!!!!

My Paradise has two Air Conditioners. One in the front bedroom and one in the back living room. When I bought the trailer the living room AC never worked. With just the bedroom AC going the temp inside the trailer would get about 85 degrees in the hot part of the day. After some troubleshooting I figured out it was a bad capacitor. I just decided to replace both. $14 later it started working again!  Yes!  Cold air!!!!  Thank God it was a cheap fix!!!



Thats right!  I got my pole up and I am waiting on the power company to come out and hook up!!  I am thrilled!  I bought one generator that worked for about 4 days and just stopped.  I have not been able to make it work since.  🙁 But now that I will have constant power soon, I dont have to worry about such things!  Then my remodel can happen faster!  My problem is that it is around 140 in my trailer!!  I can only work for about 15 minutes before I am ready for a break and a shit ton of water!  Here are some pictures!

No More Apartment!!

Well I moved out of my EXPENSIVE apartment and now living in the trailer!!!  Talk about stress!  But it is all done.  I downsized so much.  I tried to sell what I could and trashed the rest.  It was something like 5 or 6 F150 truck loads of stuff that went to the trash!  I still need to down size some more but I am actually feeling better about this!  I just installed my battery bank and I am getting excited about more to come!  Here are some pictures of my mis-fortunes.


It haled here!  Pea sized hail.  So I climbed on the roof to see if there was any damages.  She held up like a champ.  No damage!!

So AFTER the trash was removed, another bug bomb was needed to kill the rest of the living things.  I let that sit over night.  I have not seen another living bug after that.  YAY!  Now on to cleaning and testing stuff.  Awning did not work when I got the trailer because the fuse was pulled… weird.  I put it back in and BOOM!  Working!  Its ripped and will need to be replaced eventually, but its now working!

WATER!  I have water!  The pump is working and there is SOME water left in the tank.  My battery on the trailer is getting low.  I need to just take it home one night and charge it up.  When I bring it back, it will last me a few days.  I am just using it for lights now.  Here is some pictures of the inside. I cant wait to see what she will look like when I am done!!!

My Paradise has arrived!!!

Paradise has been delivered to my friends land in Round Rock, TX!  Time to start cleaning!  LOTS to clean… All 3 slides work 100%!  MOST of the interior lights work as well.  Most of the exterior lights do not work.  I still have lots to test and clean.  My actions items list is growing fast!  BUT most of the items are small and cheap (FOR NOW).  One of the slides has been gutted on the inside.  The furniture for the slide is gone too.  Lots to figure out there.  Here are some pictures of the trailer being moved from Dripping Springs to Round Rock.  More pictures to come!

Paradise Found!

I have found her!!!  I have found, bid, and bought my RV 5th wheel trailer!!!!!!!  YAY!!!

Meet Paradise (yes, thats her name):

I got her as a repo.  She is a fixer-upper, but I am pretty handy! She was a steal!  I will get her livable in no time at all!  She does not leak at all and doesn’t even smell!!  Im thrilled!!  You will be seeing more and more updates from me now!  I will be documenting this project from start to finish!  I am THRILLED!!!

LAST rent payment!!!

I recently turned in my last rent payment!  It really put some things into perspective for me… I have not put a deposit on another appartement!  I have NOT bought my RV yet… What am I going to do??  But then I got some amazing news from a friend last friday and I ran out to him later the same day to see it.






It is a good chance we are looking at my new RV!!!!  I will find out this weekend if I can swing to get it and have it moved to Round Rock!  I am thrilled!  I needs a lot of work… ALOT.  But it is an amazing price and will be big enough to make this place my PERMANENT home.  It has lots of storage and lots of features.

I cant wait to start making this beautiful RV my own!  More pictures to come later!  I will start posting more and more when I start working on Paradise!

Shout out to Ryan Jones for reaching out to me about this beautiful RV!

Thank you sir!!

Positive support

When I was thinking about this adventure, I called my daughter, Evie, in Ohio and talked to her about it.  I was half expecting her to talk me out of the idea.  After I gave her the idea and plan, SHE WAS ECSTATIC!  Something I was NOT expecting.


Evie is more like me than I was expecting.  She wanted to HELP!  She said that I am NOT to finish before she comes to Texas in May 28th!  Alright, babycakes… I am not gonna finish before you get here!  I promise!!

Je t’aime!

I am so lucky to have so much positive support!!  I love all of you all!  Everyone I have talked to about my version of Paradise wants to help in some way or another!  <3 I need all the help I can get!!