I will start with the most important line from the entire article!

If you have never been to Wyoming, no words can describe how beautiful, breathtaking, dangerous, wonderful, and mesmerizing Wyoming is! Just go there!
Ok. Now that’s out of the way. Let me elaborate of how my coverage of the 2017 Solar Eclipse from Casper, Wyoming went.


I have been planning and thinking about this event for over 5 years. I narrowed it down to two possible locations; the Smoky mountains or The Grand Tetons. I visited the Smoky Mountains three weeks ago and was going to pick that place. It was so beautiful!!

Change of plans….

I saw news stories about the eclipse the week before and saw estimates on how many travelers are expected to travel to see the eclipse by state and Tennessee and North Carolina were at the top of said list. Right then I changed the location to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.

Grand Tetons, eh?

The Tetons hold a special place in my heart for reasons that ultimately lead me to change my life for the better! (You can read about my journey here). So when I changed the destination I was not upset at all. But I have never been there so there was a sense of uncertainty. But I have an iPhone, I should be able to find anything I need there. I’m good!

The lack of Cell service

One thing I never expected is the lack of cell service. I am VERY lucky that I decided to bring along my GPS on this trip. I needed it. There was very little service outside of the cities. Even some of the cities did not have cell internet service at all. The first night in Wyoming I slept in on top of a mountain… You can do things like that there. I found an abandoned field at 8900 ft that I pulled my car into. It was amazing!

Yes, I slept in my car for 4 nights.

Whats wrong with that?? Cheapest hotels in Wyoming were $200/night because of the eclipse! My car is free…. you do the math. Then I could spend the night ANYWHERE I want including on top of a mountain! Alone.

Dream realized

The second day I made it to my mountain! It was speculator! I would need at least a month to explore all I want to in Grand Teton National Park! It is a VERY large park. After hitting the popular spots I wanted to I headed to Casper. I spend the night on the side of the road.


I arrived in Casper about 1 ½ hours before the eclipse. I found me a Walmart (I feel safe in Walmart parking lots) and I scored! There was TONS of RVers there. My kinda people. I found me a nice little spot and pulled in. I made friends with the people around me as I set up. Seeing the eclipse was incredible! The sky got dark and cold. The wind picked up and there was a sunset all around the horizon! Beautiful!! I took pictures and and videos but also enjoyed it as much as possible. The ride home… not so much.

53 miles in 11 hours

You read that right. There was an insane amount of traffic! With no cell service. No way to get updates. 500,000 people (thats how many residents Wyoming has normally) were leaving at the same time! NOT FUN!

If you have never been to Wyoming, you are missing out on some really beautiful mountains! PLEASE GO THERE NOW!

No More Apartment!!

Well I moved out of my EXPENSIVE apartment and now living in the trailer!!!  Talk about stress!  But it is all done.  I downsized so much.  I tried to sell what I could and trashed the rest.  It was something like 5 or 6 F150 truck loads of stuff that went to the trash!  I still need to down size some more but I am actually feeling better about this!  I just installed my battery bank and I am getting excited about more to come!  Here are some pictures of my mis-fortunes.

MotoGP, 2 Nails, and a Stranger!

I dont know where to start… I LOVE going to MotoGP.  2017 was no exception!  It was a much more eventful year than previous ones.  This was the first year I got 3 day passes!  Being a veteran is paying off!  I went with two amazing friends Anthony and his woman, Helen Saturday and Sunday.  This was their first time going.

Turn 12

Anthony, Helen, and I from left to right
I do realize that I am a selfie whore….



Saturday it was COLD (Texas cold) all day.  High was around 65°.  That may not seem cold to you, but the day before it was 85°.  We got use to the 80’s…  Now its twenty degrees colder.  That really messes with Texans!  So we dressed in layers and I was
constantly putting on my jacket and taking it off.  It was cloudy and windy most of the day.  Ugh.  The struggle.  We decided to hit as much venders as we could in Saturday when most of the qualifiers and and practices were taking place.  That way we could just stick to the stands as much as possible on Sunday when most of the races happen.


Sunday was where most of the action happened!  Anthony and I decided to make an event to have breakfast before we went to MotoGP.  We all met up at a local Mexican Food place we all love called Casa G’s!  After an amazing breakfast we were off to COTA (Circuit of the Americas).

When we pulled into our spot, Anthony pointed out that my tire may have a nail in it… We looked and there was TWO!  Damn.  I decided that I would repair it at the end of the day.  Sunday was much warmer and sunny.  We hit some vendors and found our seats fairly quickly.

The Races:

Racing was amazing as always!  Marc Marquez won his first race this season.  No surprise that it was at COTA… He really does OWN this track!  This was his 5th consecutive win here and MotoGP has been at COTA for 5 years.  No one other than Marquez has won here.  That’s why I say its his track!!

After the main race (MotoGP) race was done, we stuck around for the final race, (MotoAmerica SuperBike).  Suzuki won big in MotoAmerica!  Suzuki just released the new GSX-R1000 and it seemed to do the job!

Nailed it:

center puncture
side puncture



Now, back to my nailed tire!  ugh.  Thankfully I have three hard cases on my bike and I have enough tools with me to fix any common problems I have with my bike.  So, I put my bike on its center stand.  I pulled the nail in the center part of the tire out  out and installed a plug in its place. Then I used my compressor to get my rear tire back to its proper tire pressure.  EASY!  The nail on the side of the tire, I just left.  It did not make it into the inside of the tire so I was not worried about it.



having tools on me is a blessing!
might as well check the front pressure as well while I have it in my hand!


The Stranger:

Jen, Nick, and I from right to left, back to front

After I got home and relaxed for a while, My buddy Nick called me and came over.  We went out to dinner at Whataburger.  While eating we over heard a fellow motorcycle rider in trouble.  She is from Kansas and had some issues going on that I will not get made public here.  But long story short she needed to buy a cheap back pack and did not really want to take all her gear inside.  So after introducing Nick and myself, we offer to drive her to Target and keep her gear in my car while we went shopping.  Jen is an amazing girl that rides even more than I do!!  She has ridden in 49 states (not Hawaii)!  Nick and I were happy too help her get back on her way!  I got a Facebook message from her this morning (Monday, April 24th) that she made it in safely!  It was a pleasure meeting you, Jen!

Godspeed, Jen!







Now to get back to SAVING for the RV build!!!

New Domain Name!!!

If you have not noticed, my domain name has changed!!!

What an awesome name!  GoDaddy made this change VERY easy!  I cannot sing the praises of GoDaddy enough.  They have the best customer service I have ever experienced!  The change was 100% automated and fast.  Old links will still work and people going to the old address will be transferred over.  Their prices are reasonable and they will help you do ANYTHING you need.  Get their managed WordPress option and they SUPPORT WordPress!!!  Its amazing!!  I am a happy Photog now!

Another Day in Paradise!

Today I gave my apartment notice that I do not intend to renew the lease! I have no intention of getting another apartment again. I want to tell you about my plan…

My dream since I was 8 years old is going to be coming true!!  I have been thinking about changing my life for awhile now.  I have been wanting to buy or BUILD an RV and travel the country.  Live full time WITH my snake, motorcycle, and photography equipment.  The challenge arises that I need to make money on the road as well.  I have some thoughts about my needs and challenges.

  1. Bedroom (queen size or larger)
  2. Garage for motorcycle (enclosed preferred)
  3. Built in generator
  4. Permanent built in container for Monty (my pet Ball Python snake)
  5. Bathroom perferred
  6. Water tank along with grey and black tanks for boon docking
  7. Battery bank for overnight power without generator


  1. Money to buy/build trailer
  2. Snakes require constant heat and humidity
  3. Making money on the road
  4. Selling my Prius and purchasing a Truck or SUV
  5. Selling all my furniture and other things I no longer need

The title of this entry says it all! I used to say that phrase every time somebody asked me how I am doing. It was meant sort of as a disingenuous remark… I am going to change that!

My intent with this blog is to document this adventure for everyone to see and be a part of. Follow me here to get constant updates on my trials and tribulations.

Why I became a photographer…..

Do you want the long story or the short answer?

Everyone want the short answer.  But the short answer will not, truly enlighten you.


Photography is who I am. It is my purpose. It is why I am on earth.


The long story:

My father meant everything to me. He taught me how to type, how to program, how to shoot, how to drive, how to treat women, and how to use a camera.

You see, 3 years ago today, my father died. He was a good man that changed how I see the world. He had a very unique view on life and the world. He saw things differently and so do I. I believe there is beauty in the world around us; everywhere. Mountains, streams, oceans, and people. People are the most beautiful thing the world has to offer.


Because no two people are the same. Everyone is a little different. For some, the differences are vast, for others, it’s minuscule. The only consistent thing we share as a species, is that we are different, and that difference makes us beautiful.


My life goal is to show people how beautiful they already are. How I really see them.


What an amazing feeling it is to realize your purpose on this Earth; to know why you are here.

I’m here to help people realize that they need to change nothing physical about them to become beautiful. They need to change how they see themselves, how they treat themselves. Once someone makes that change, they become more beautiful, more attractive.

The goal of my pictures is to reflect how I see the subject. Whether the subject is a model, standing tall on a bridge, or the moon its self, I want to show everyone a reflection of my eyes.  The reflection of my father.

I love you, dad.  Thank you for everything you have taught me.