It’s the Little Things

Yup. My daughter is now back in Ohio and she made me something to hang in the trailer!  I am so happy that she made this for me!  I am really gonna miss her, but the trailer should really start coming along now!! 4 months and counting…


Progress is slow with Evie here for the summer, but she does help me a lot.  We really made some progress after the second AC got fixed and the temps in the trailer got better. The slide is insulated and has interior walls up. I cleaned off the couch and the table so we can start enjoying the trailer! This is really starting to come together! I am getting excited! My Paradise is starting to form.

AC Fixed!!!!

My Paradise has two Air Conditioners. One in the front bedroom and one in the back living room. When I bought the trailer the living room AC never worked. With just the bedroom AC going the temp inside the trailer would get about 85 degrees in the hot part of the day. After some troubleshooting I figured out it was a bad capacitor. I just decided to replace both. $14 later it started working again!  Yes!  Cold air!!!!  Thank God it was a cheap fix!!!



Thats right!  I got my pole up and I am waiting on the power company to come out and hook up!!  I am thrilled!  I bought one generator that worked for about 4 days and just stopped.  I have not been able to make it work since.  🙁 But now that I will have constant power soon, I dont have to worry about such things!  Then my remodel can happen faster!  My problem is that it is around 140 in my trailer!!  I can only work for about 15 minutes before I am ready for a break and a shit ton of water!  Here are some pictures!

No More Apartment!!

Well I moved out of my EXPENSIVE apartment and now living in the trailer!!!  Talk about stress!  But it is all done.  I downsized so much.  I tried to sell what I could and trashed the rest.  It was something like 5 or 6 F150 truck loads of stuff that went to the trash!  I still need to down size some more but I am actually feeling better about this!  I just installed my battery bank and I am getting excited about more to come!  Here are some pictures of my mis-fortunes.

Why I chose a snake as a companion

About a year ago I was thinking about taking on a pet for companionship.  I have had dogs and cats before and they both have positives and negatives.  But something that has changed since the last time I have owned a pet is my absence from the house.  It seems like I am away much more than I use to be.  Always going on trips and long working days.  So a dog and cat would be a horrible match for that lifestyle.

A friend of mine has a Ball Python Snake as one of her pets.  She brings in around sometimes and I got over my fear of snakes over time with her snake, Morg.  So after talking to her about how to care for a snake and seeing that some snakes can be friendly I decided that a snake would fit my lifestyle very well.  They don’t have to be handled everyday.  They eat about once a week when they are growing and about 1 a month when they are older.  They water needs to be changed every 3-5 days.  It would be a perfect match for my lifestyle.

I talked to my daughter, Evie about getting a snake as a pet and we watched YouTube Videos about how to care and feed a Ball Python.  I wanted to make sure she was alright with my choice of pet.

So I decided to go on the search for my snake.  I knew I needed to get one I will be happy with for years.  They are known to live 20-30 years.  After buying a container and looking for a week or two I found Monty at ZooKeeper here in Austin, TX.  I fell in love immediately!  He is not a standard Ball Python.  He is a Pinstripe Ball Python.

We have been friends ever since.  He has posed on models and made fast friends with everyone in my life!  We are really too cute together!  I can’t wait to take him with me on the road!

Another Day in Paradise!

Today I gave my apartment notice that I do not intend to renew the lease! I have no intention of getting another apartment again. I want to tell you about my plan…

My dream since I was 8 years old is going to be coming true!!  I have been thinking about changing my life for awhile now.  I have been wanting to buy or BUILD an RV and travel the country.  Live full time WITH my snake, motorcycle, and photography equipment.  The challenge arises that I need to make money on the road as well.  I have some thoughts about my needs and challenges.

  1. Bedroom (queen size or larger)
  2. Garage for motorcycle (enclosed preferred)
  3. Built in generator
  4. Permanent built in container for Monty (my pet Ball Python snake)
  5. Bathroom perferred
  6. Water tank along with grey and black tanks for boon docking
  7. Battery bank for overnight power without generator


  1. Money to buy/build trailer
  2. Snakes require constant heat and humidity
  3. Making money on the road
  4. Selling my Prius and purchasing a Truck or SUV
  5. Selling all my furniture and other things I no longer need

The title of this entry says it all! I used to say that phrase every time somebody asked me how I am doing. It was meant sort of as a disingenuous remark… I am going to change that!

My intent with this blog is to document this adventure for everyone to see and be a part of. Follow me here to get constant updates on my trials and tribulations.