Fast Progress!!!

Over the last week I have made FAST PROGRESS!  Now the flooring is nearly finished, my desk is made, Texas flag is flying, fishing poles are mounted, phone charger is installed, and I have a light (finally!) over my dinette!  It is really great to have a desk again!

The next step is to finish the vinyl flooring, add carpet pieces, install new awning, finish the trim in the living room slide out, and deep clean the kitchen so I can make my first meal!  Im thrilled about that!  Stand by….


This the first major project. This is the beginning of the end. I needed to fix the rotting wood in the frame before I can do anything else! Before I can finish out the walls, before I can lay the floor, before I can add the desk, before I can weld a platform on to the back for my motorcycle… This had to be done first!

After the old floor was removed I could see that the wall had fell about 3/4 of an inch!  The rotted wood sagged under the weight of the wall.  I had to use a metal bar and a jack to get the wall high enough to get it back where it was.

Then it was a simple matter of replacing the floor and the insulation.  Now the floor does not sag or give way when I step in this area!  SUCCESS!

It was a very full weekend, but it is done!

I also fixed the central vacuum!  Next project? NEW FLOOR!  Stay tuned!


I will start with the most important line from the entire article!

If you have never been to Wyoming, no words can describe how beautiful, breathtaking, dangerous, wonderful, and mesmerizing Wyoming is! Just go there!
Ok. Now that’s out of the way. Let me elaborate of how my coverage of the 2017 Solar Eclipse from Casper, Wyoming went.


I have been planning and thinking about this event for over 5 years. I narrowed it down to two possible locations; the Smoky mountains or The Grand Tetons. I visited the Smoky Mountains three weeks ago and was going to pick that place. It was so beautiful!!

Change of plans….

I saw news stories about the eclipse the week before and saw estimates on how many travelers are expected to travel to see the eclipse by state and Tennessee and North Carolina were at the top of said list. Right then I changed the location to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.

Grand Tetons, eh?

The Tetons hold a special place in my heart for reasons that ultimately lead me to change my life for the better! (You can read about my journey here). So when I changed the destination I was not upset at all. But I have never been there so there was a sense of uncertainty. But I have an iPhone, I should be able to find anything I need there. I’m good!

The lack of Cell service

One thing I never expected is the lack of cell service. I am VERY lucky that I decided to bring along my GPS on this trip. I needed it. There was very little service outside of the cities. Even some of the cities did not have cell internet service at all. The first night in Wyoming I slept in on top of a mountain… You can do things like that there. I found an abandoned field at 8900 ft that I pulled my car into. It was amazing!

Yes, I slept in my car for 4 nights.

Whats wrong with that?? Cheapest hotels in Wyoming were $200/night because of the eclipse! My car is free…. you do the math. Then I could spend the night ANYWHERE I want including on top of a mountain! Alone.

Dream realized

The second day I made it to my mountain! It was speculator! I would need at least a month to explore all I want to in Grand Teton National Park! It is a VERY large park. After hitting the popular spots I wanted to I headed to Casper. I spend the night on the side of the road.


I arrived in Casper about 1 ½ hours before the eclipse. I found me a Walmart (I feel safe in Walmart parking lots) and I scored! There was TONS of RVers there. My kinda people. I found me a nice little spot and pulled in. I made friends with the people around me as I set up. Seeing the eclipse was incredible! The sky got dark and cold. The wind picked up and there was a sunset all around the horizon! Beautiful!! I took pictures and and videos but also enjoyed it as much as possible. The ride home… not so much.

53 miles in 11 hours

You read that right. There was an insane amount of traffic! With no cell service. No way to get updates. 500,000 people (thats how many residents Wyoming has normally) were leaving at the same time! NOT FUN!

If you have never been to Wyoming, you are missing out on some really beautiful mountains! PLEASE GO THERE NOW!

It’s the Little Things

Yup. My daughter is now back in Ohio and she made me something to hang in the trailer!  I am so happy that she made this for me!  I am really gonna miss her, but the trailer should really start coming along now!! 4 months and counting…

Holy Cinder Block Batman!

So I woke up to this yesterday! I was so concerned about how to fix this. I don’t have a tow vehicle yet and therefore no way to hold the trailer up. But I have to in order to replace the broken block. But then the next question is what am I going to replace the block with??

I talked to a few RV owners that I know and they suggested that I buy a 2X8 weather treated wood plank and cut it every 12 inches. So I got a 10′ 2X8 and cut it up to 10 pieces.  That way I can stack them as high as I need them to be in different situations.


Now, for the hard part.  HOW DO I HOLD UP CLOSE TO 5,000lbs WITHOUT A TRUCK WITH A 5th WHEEL HITCH??

I came up with a plan!  I will move the F150 over to the hitch part and use the jack I have to hold the weight.  It does not have to hold it long.  2-3 minutes at the most.  This is my first effort.  I hold the trailer up high enough to get the legs off of the blocks.  So the jack was not going to hold the trailer high enough.  So I switched to jack stands and added scrap 2X4s under.

YAY!  That worked!  Now I worded fast to replace the blocks with the wood pieces.  After that was accomplished I extended the landing legs back down and the weight was lifted from the truck bed.  SUCCESS!

That was the scariest moment I have had with the trailer so far and I overcame it!  I dont think that the wood will be breaking anytime soon.  🙂


Progress is slow with Evie here for the summer, but she does help me a lot.  We really made some progress after the second AC got fixed and the temps in the trailer got better. The slide is insulated and has interior walls up. I cleaned off the couch and the table so we can start enjoying the trailer! This is really starting to come together! I am getting excited! My Paradise is starting to form.

AC Fixed!!!!

My Paradise has two Air Conditioners. One in the front bedroom and one in the back living room. When I bought the trailer the living room AC never worked. With just the bedroom AC going the temp inside the trailer would get about 85 degrees in the hot part of the day. After some troubleshooting I figured out it was a bad capacitor. I just decided to replace both. $14 later it started working again!  Yes!  Cold air!!!!  Thank God it was a cheap fix!!!



Thats right!  I got my pole up and I am waiting on the power company to come out and hook up!!  I am thrilled!  I bought one generator that worked for about 4 days and just stopped.  I have not been able to make it work since.  🙁 But now that I will have constant power soon, I dont have to worry about such things!  Then my remodel can happen faster!  My problem is that it is around 140 in my trailer!!  I can only work for about 15 minutes before I am ready for a break and a shit ton of water!  Here are some pictures!